A 3 Step Plan To Play by EarImprovise  Flow  On Piano

 Master Nik's unique techniques & sound like a pro
 Learn improv, flow, soloing & natural playing
 Enjoy Nik's proven 3 step process
 Only 15 mins of practice a day

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Learn How To Flow & Improvise On Piano

22,000+ adults use ImprovPianoTips to enjoy playing piano freely and creatively.
Just 20 minutes of practice a day, proven effective methods.

 How "Mentoring" Works

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How I Created My Lessons

Early into my teaching career, I discovered that traditional piano curriculum does not teach adults how to flow, improvise, and play freely.

So, at 15 years old, I set on a mission to develop my own curriculum for my 48 weekly adult students. I started by reverse engineering how I played. What made people like my playing? How did I give my music feeling?

After many years of paying attention to what I was actually doing when I played, I was fortunate enough to crack the code. So, I developed unique exercises and tested out methods to help adults work up to eventually sounding like me. And the crazy thing is, it worked!

So, I recorded my video course(s) to share with the world. 22,000+ adults have used my course(s) successfully to enjoy playing by ear, flowing, playing creatively and improvising freely. I hope you'll join us!
22,000+ adults use ImprovPianoTips to enjoy playing piano freely and creatively.
Just 15 minutes of practice a day, proven effective methods.

Here's What You'll Learn...


  Classical songs

  Note reading/sheet music

  Pointless theory

  How to become a concert pianist


  Flow & improvisation

  How to play creatively + freely by ear

  Fill out songs you love

  L.H. rhythms + R.H. comping & soloing

"Totally helped me break through a 20+ year plateau. Really enjoy how Nik guides into deeper understanding and greater skill and depth and facility at the keys. Bite-size lessons and super accessible teaching style. Feels like Nik's in the room with you - encouraging and challenging you. You pick up new things quickly on the first go. Then can go back in again and again to really get it and go far."

 Verified Review

"My experience with most music teachers is they would rather be doing something else. Nik's work is an absolute breath of fresh air. I have been at this just long enough to understand where he is going, and his approach is thoughtful, beautifully presented, and a welcome treat to a player stuck in the mud! Thank you Nik!"

  Verified Review
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Join 22,000+ Adults

Who are actually learning how to flow and play creatively thanks to Nik & ImprovPianoTips
  • Sheet music and traditional lessons can't teach flow and creativity.

    My powerful online lessons offer a proven 3 step process for adults wanting to sit down and express themselves on the piano.

      Learn creative left hand rhythm
      Fill out songs you love
      Comp and solo on the fly
      Play freely and creatively
      Enjoy playing by ear

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