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"A structured path to play with more soul and flavor."

I will always guarantee the very best in instruction, quality, and excellence!

  Learn reharmonization and passing tones and how to apply it to your songs!

  Master chord voicing ideas Nik developed so you can implement things on the fly!

  Over 325 minutes of pure soulful piano tutorials and application videos to help you understand how to apply what you learn!

  Discover specific Gospel movements I use LIVE in Church!

  Enjoy a bird's eye view with virtual lit up keyboards that show what notes I'm hitting + the popular slow mo feature!

  Enjoy reharmonizing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"  as I guide you through different variations and ideas in the key of C major [Phase 2]!

  Apply what you're learning to "Amazing Grace" and learn nasty licks and runs I use often in my playing!

   Beginner, intermediate & advanced video application of how I use passing tones in "Georgia" by Ray Charles

   A breakdown of 8 unique passing chords I discovered to all compiled in the "Passing Tone Chord Dictionary" (instantly downloadable PDF)

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