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"A structured path to master syncopation and sound like a PRO."

I will always guarantee the very best in instruction, quality, and excellence!

  Learn how to fill out your songs with FULL syncopation and how to apply it to your songs!

  Understand how to start playing naturally and freely using polyrhythms!

  Over 240 minutes of pure rhythm piano tutorials and application videos to help you understand how to apply what you learn!

  Lifetime access to the online course!

  No experience needed!

  Learn Nik's powerful polyrhythms and how to apply them to your songs right away!

  Master your 16th note placement to take your boring left hand rhythms to next-level EXCITING!

  Real-world application in "Let it Be", "Country Roads Take Me Home", "Amazing Grace", "What a Wonderful World", "Circle of Life", "Sweet Child O' Mine", & "Shallow" (these will most likely be the first songs you wow your friends & family with)!

  Discover specific timing tricks I use LIVE in Church!

  Enjoy a bird's eye view with virtual lit up keyboards that show what notes I'm hitting + the popular slow mo feature!

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