"Chord Voicing + Licks &
Runs" Video Training

"Chord Voicing + Licks & Runs" Video Training

(24 videos, 8 PDF downloads, 5.4 hours on demand video)

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The Video Exercises Within This Video Training Reveal Secrets I’ve ONLY Shown To My Pro-Level Private Students

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These must-have exercises include:

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The "Passing Chord Dictionary" exercise designed to unveil 8 distinct passing chords that offer you a go-to soulful sound.

These chords will not only teach you to play with profound emotion and effortless feeling, but also enable you to achieve the most soul-stirring musical experience of your life, whether you're playing intuitively or with deliberate precision.

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My "Chord Voicing Mastery" exercise ensures you consistently achieve a robust, full sound on the piano — providing you with the confidence to perform effortlessly in any setting, and play soulful rich chords on the fly, just as I do weekly in church.

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Enjoy “The Passing Tone & Reharmonization"  exercise in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as I guide you through different variations and ideas in the key of C major [Phase 2]!

...and these ideas will give you ONE easy point of focus to easily add flavor and soulful strikes to any song.

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Explore Nik's 7 Nasty Licks & Runs, game-changing exercises that equip you with essential movements....

So you'll have the confidence to unleash your musical creativity spontaneously, like I do with random strangers (pictured: jamming with homeless strangers in San Diego in 2016)

  • On-Demand Video: 5.4 Hours 
  • Lectures: 24
  • Enrolled adults:5,023
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This course includes:

  • 5.4 hours on-demand video
  • 24 lectures
  • 8 downloadable resources
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You *Definitely* Don't Have
Problems Playing The Same Boring Chords.

Let me explain. Problems playing the same boring chords isn't the issue... it's theory problems.

It's pattern problems. And it's how you practice problems.

So if you've ever tried to just sit at a piano and play with some SOUL and just defaulted to the boring chords you always play...you have a fixable problem... even though it looks and feels like you're stuck.

So allow me to run you through a few small questions and scenarios:

  •  Do you hum or sing to help your practice?

     Do have set chord voicing based on the genre of song you're playing?

     Are you taking time to experiment and explore harmony?

     Do you know how integrate sus2 chords in EVERY chord you play?

     Do you memorize soulful chords you hear?

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If you answered NO to any of these questions, I'll triple guarantee your problems playing the same chords is coming from a poor perception of music and HOW to memorize simple theory to get un-stuck...

The Answer?

3. Little. Shifts.

But *DON'T* Practice The Wrong One

See, depending on how long you've been playing...

It's make or break.

ESPECIALLY since you're most likely feeling discouraged with your piano progress already.

It's simple. I want you to implement these into your practice:

  •  Root Chord Movement
     Chord Voicing

In fact, if you could practice each of these 3 little areas for just one minute each, you'd 10x the speed of your results. I've tested it with students.

And the crazy thing is, classical training doesn't touch on any of these areas.


Before we get ahead of ourselves...

Who Am I & Why Should You Even Be Listening To Me?

Nice to meet you! My name is Nik!

I'm a piano teacher with a Civil Engineering degree (just in case I couldn't do music for a living).

I'm also a YouTuber, Church pianist, twin Dad and husband of 6 years to my sweet Lily.

Since early high school, I've been teaching adults how flow, improvise and play freely on the piano. In fact, the way I've gotten 237,000+ subscribers and 19 MILLION views on YouTube...

And over 23,174 enrolled students on my website is...

...through my unique FOCUS on coordination, simple syncopation, and chord voicing to embellish your playing.

And after selling my online course for 11 years, teaching my personal adult students, thousands online, playing in Church, and writing music professionally, I realized something...

The Answer?

To Break Away From The Same Boring Chords You Play, You Need To Learn Simple Chord Theory, And Spend Time Actually Memorizing Nik's Signature Patterns...

So Here's What I've Put Together For You...

Course Outline

"Well structured and easy to follow"

Jim Clough


"Nik knows his stuff and presents in a clear/precise way"

Greg Malcolm


"Best money I've spent in a long time"

Rhodri Jenkins


"My improv has developed amazingly"

Piet Coetzee


"If you question whether it is the right course for you, question no more and sign up. "

Todd Roberts


"I can recommend Nik's mentoring with a clear conscience. There is something for everybody. "

Bianka Söder


"I find the learning method excellent because it is based on patterns and ideas that can be applied in different songs and situations"

Luc Lyn


"...a custom route for you to quickly reach your goal without wasting your time on things that you don’t need."

Christina Lee


-Thomas Lewry
"My experience with most music teachers is they would rather be doing something else. Nik's work is an absolute breath of fresh air. I have been at this just long enough to understand where he is going, and his approach is thoughtful, beautifully presented, and a welcome treat to a player stuck in the mud! Thank you Nik!"

How I Created My Lessons

Early into my teaching career, I discovered that traditional piano curriculum does not teach adults how to flow, improvise, and play freely.

So, at 15 years old, I set on a mission to develop my own curriculum for my 48 adult weekly students. First, I reverse engineered how I played. What made people like my playing? How did I give my music feeling?

After many years of paying attention to what I was actually doing when I played, I was fortunate enough to crack the code. So, I developed unique exercises and tested out methods to help adults work up to eventually sounding like me. And the crazy thing is, it worked!

So, I recorded this video course to share with the world. 5,000+ adults have used my Fundamentals of Jazz, Blues & Gospel course successfully to playing with a soulful sound. I hope you'll join us!

"The Fundamentals of Jazz, Blues & Gospel"

  A breakdown of 8 unique passing chords Nik discovered to help you understand reharmonization and passing tones and apply those concepts in any song
  Over 325 minutes of pure soulful piano tutorials and application videos to help you understand how to apply what you learn to your playing
   Beginner, intermediate & advanced video application of how I use passing tones in "Georgia" by Ray Charles
  Discover specific Gospel movements I use LIVE in Church  [Phase 2]
   Master reharmonization as I guide you through different variations of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in the key of C major [Phase 2]
   Apply what you learn to "Amazing Grace" + learn tasty licks and runs I use often in my playing

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