3 Simple Tools To Take Your Favorite Songs To The Next Level!

  Simple Syncopation
  Melodic Gap Fillers
  Creative Chord Voicing

Enjoy Song From: John Denver, Billy Joel, Elton John, Hymns, Elvis Presley, Hillsong, Louis Armstrong, Whitney Houston, Eric Clapton, Bruno Mars, Neil Diamond, Carrie Underwood, Israel Houghton, Shania Twain, The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Modern Worship, etc.

Dear (Adult) Pianist,

HOW can you put your head knowledge into actual playing?

Will you EVER break free from that robotic left hand?

Will drilling scales EVER change how you sound on the piano?

These are all amazing questions... that literally nobody has the answer to.

Wouldn't it be great if someone finally could come along and show you...

 to play with creative left hand rhythms...

HOW to unlock more flow while playing in a casual way...

And HOW to ensure you master the foundation to sounding really good...

And Do It All In Songs YOU Are Excited About Learning?

You in?

If you are, then read on...

Because you’ll find three things on this page. 

Firstly → The special "doo doos & tapping" method I developed with 100's of my personal adult students to help coordinate your hands QUICKLY...and help you learn how to use simple syncopation to fill out songs you love.

Secondly â†’ If the "doo doos & tapping" method gets you quick results, I'd like to invite you into my "ImprovPianoTips Song Vault" that my team and I are beta testing right now.

Thirdly â†’ A quick video example of how to enhance your favorite songs.


Before we get ahead of ourselves...

You *Definitely* Don't Have
Problems Playing The Same Boring Way In Your Songs

Let me explain. Problems playing the same boring way in your songs isn't the issue... it's robotic left hand rhythm problems.

It's creative problems. And it's flowing problems.

So if you've ever tried to play your FAVORITE songs and just defaulted to the boring way you always play...you have a rhythm, creativity and flowing problem... even though it looks and feels like you're just a boring piano player.

So allow me to run you through a few small questions and scenarios:

  •  Do you learn new concepts in songs you love to play?

     Are you focusing on left hand rhythm to create flow in your songs?

     Do you know what to do in a song when the melody line stops for a few beats?

      Are you humming or tapping when you practice?

     Are you effective with your chord voicing?

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If you answered NO to any of these questions, I'll triple guarantee your problems playing the same songs with boring patterns is coming from a poor perception of music and HOW to practice to get un-stuck...

The Answer?

3. Little. Shifts.

But *DON'T* Use The Wrong One

See, depending on how long you've been playing...

It's make or break.

ESPECIALLY since you're most likely feeling discouraged with how your piano songs sound already.

It's simple. I want you to implement these into your favorite songs:

  •  Simple Syncopation
     Melodic Gap Fillers

     Creative Chord Voicing

In fact, if you could practice each of these 3 little areas for just one minute each, you'd 10x the speed of your results. I've tested it with students.

And the crazy thing is, classical training doesn't touch on any of these areas =(

But First, Who am I?

And Why Should You Even Be Listening To Me?

Nice to meet you! My name is Nik.

I'm a piano teacher with a Civil Engineering degree (just in case I couldn't do music for a living).

I'm also a YouTuber, Church pianist, twin Dad and husband of 6 years to my sweet Lily.

Since early high school, I've been teaching adults how flow, improvise and play freely on the piano. In fact, the way I've gotten 237,000+ subscribers and 18 MILLION views on  YouTube...

And over 23,174 enrolled students on my website is...

...through my unique FOCUS on simple syncopation, creative chord voicing & melodic fillers to embellish your playing.

And after teaching my personal adult students, thousands online, playing in Church, and writing music professionally, I realized something...

I was teaching people these amazing tools in songs they have NO INTEREST in playing...

That's a huge problem...

So, I created this song vault.

Because, the best way to master these tools, is to learn them in songs you know and love.

Songs that you're excited to learn.

Songs that will motivate you. 

Not random songs you barely know...

Here's What I'm Talking About...

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So here's what I've found works the FASTEST to achieve this...

Use This When Everyone Else QUITS Lessons...

Yet You're Enjoying Playing Your Favorite Songs, With Full Rhythm, Melodic Gap Fillers & Creative Chord Voicing...

Take a look at the image below, and really study it.

In fact, read these words with me because I'm going to walk you through the entire protocol from A-Z.

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You'll see that simple syncopation, melodic gap fillers & creative chord voicing are ALL accounted for - like we've spoken about:

This is Where We Get Into The "MeatNPotatoes" Of Enhancing Your Favorite Songs...

Enhancing your songs is achieved with the following formula:

  •    A Song You Love + Brief Tutorial + Immediate Application

Essentially we can now agree on the following:

If you focus on: Simple syncopation, chord voicing and melodic gap fillers in songs you know and love...then you will "break-free from the same boring way you play"

Each one of these needs to be in sync with each other. But that's the best part. 

Whilst that may sound difficult to achieve, it's not.

That's because they actually feed each other.

  •     It's difficult NOT to start feeling your music when you have creative chord voicings
    It's difficult NOT to be creative and solo when you can finally feel your syncopation
        It's difficult NOT to have a smooth flowing sound when you master melodic gap fillers

  Wait, Let's Hear it ?

"Song Vault Students" In Action...

Here's Jasen playing "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton...with simple syncopation, melodic gap fillers and chord voicing...
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Here's what we need to focus on though. Jasen was stalled.

He'd taken lessons for a few months and got nowhere. Feeling like something was missing, Jasen decided to give my syncopation, chord voicing and melodic gap fillers a shot.

The rest is history...

Here's what Aaron accomplished in a few month:

Hymnal: "Something About That Name"
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My students are war-torn  With no structure, organization, and process.

Left hand rhythm is a mess. Chord voicing is non-existent. Melodic fillers are deteriorating. There is no strategy other than practicing an hour a day and using sheet music.

Fast-forward one year after joining my song vault and learning in songs "they enjoy" my students are sharing their results:

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We're back in business, with enhancing favorites songs being the name of the game.

We're enjoying playing freely and using rhythm to fill out songs.

And the best part? We just applied the "Powerful 3 Tools" and we're off to the (enjoying playing piano) races.

Simple Syncopation + Melodic Gap Fillers + Chord Voicing + Learning In Songs You Enjoy and here we are:

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Write your awesome label here.
Write your awesome label here.

So why not you?

Choose a genre to get started:

Country/Country Western:

   John Denver
    Shania Twain
   Willie Nelson
   Kenny Rogers
   Reba McEntire
   Carrie Underwood
   George Strait
   Johnny Cash

Rock Classics/Pop:

   Billy Joel
    The Beatles
   Elton John
   Bruno Mars
   Elvis Presley
   Niel Diamond
   Leonard Cohen
   Whitney Houston

Worship, Gospel, Hymns & Jazz:

   Church Hymns
    Modern Worship
   Israel Houghton
   Louis Armstrong
   Hezekiah Walker
   Cory Henry

*If you're going to learn how to use these tools successfully, you need to learn in songs you enjoy - choose a genre to get started.


Here's What I Figured Out: "My Students Learn Best When They Learn These 3 Tools In Songs They Love"

Now here's the deal...

If you're going to learn how to use these tools successfully, you need to learn in songs you enjoy - choose a genre below!

Country/Country Western:

   John Denver
    Shania Twain
   Willie Nelson
   Kenny Rogers
   Reba McEntire
   Carrie Underwood
   George Strait
   Johnny Cash

Rock Classics/Pop:

   Billy Joel
    The Beatles
   Elton John
   Bruno Mars
   Elvis Presley
   Niel Diamond
   Leonard Cohen
   Whitney Houston

Worship, Gospel, Hymns & Jazz:

   Church Hymns
    Modern Worship
   Israel Houghton
   Louis Armstrong
   Hezekiah Walker
   Cory Henry

Irene, this is where I will stop the page and then include the testimonials below on the next segmented landing page.


My "14 Day Play by Ear + Next Steps" Program

Listen up. If repetative drills, sounding basic, and feeling stiff at the piano are the bane of your life...

This is the answer you've been waiting for.

This is the only training of it's kind -- vetted with 100's of personal adult students who tried the program before I recorded it -- to factor in everything that's truly needed to play naturally.

My ultimate goal with this?

Is that you if you could live 100 lives, and you used this framework in all 100, that in at least 99 of them... you play naturally on the piano.

Every. Single. Time.

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  •    The idea behind "Frozen Fingers"...and what 99% of adults fail to practice

  •   Why humming your song(s) is an absolute requirement for easily mastering songs by ear

Phase 2
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  •    Why tapping is the bulletproof way to help you develop a sense of timing (even if you feel like you don't have any sense rhythm)

  •    I'll reveal how I quickly memorize left hand chord progressions to completely eliminate the guesswork

  •   Using singing to master your R.H. melody line notes

Phase 3
Hand Coordination

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  •    How to actually get your hands coordinated with a proven exercise I developed

  •    "Muddy tones" and when to avoid them

  •   How to properly fill out your left hand chords

Phase 4
Rhythm Independence

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  •    Doing two things at once and how to strengthen your brain's ability to not EXPLODE (develop your rhythm independence)

Phase 5
Piecing "Let it Be" Together 

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  •    Put all the exercises you've worked on together to play the chorus of "Let it Be" by the Beatles 

  •    Exactly how to line up your notes with the left hand chords using a powerful technique..."anchor points" 

  •    I'll reveal the process of knowing exactly when to bring both hands together + when to stop humming and tapping your "doo's doo's"

Phase 6

  •    Bonus #1: Nik's powerful right hand soloing pattern for simple improvisation

  •    Bonus #2: Exactly where and when you can massively improve your left hand rhythm (next level kinda stuff)

  •    Bonus #3: Real-world application in "Let it Be", the song you just learned in phases 1-5!!!

Here's Everything You Now Own Inside The "14 Day Play by Ear" Program

 $285    90% OFF

Here's What Else People Are Saying:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nik Answers The Most Common
Questions About His Online Course.

$27 seems way too low, why is it so cheap?

I want you to get such good results that it creates new problems in your playing…Problems that I can help you solve.

I am willing to lose money to acquire you as a customer, try my products out, and then ideally you love them so much that you want to work with me more closely :)

Why should I trust you Nik?

Fair question.

So, here goes: most people selling online piano courses haven't figured out how to FLOW and improvise naturally themselves (let alone teach it). I have. And my content is amazing because I've been curating it for over 10 years.

But, the proof is in the pudding.

And in an online world, numbers are everything. So, here's some info:
23,000+ enrolled students in my programs
236,000+ YouTube subscribers
18,072,634 YouTube views
Quit my Civil Engineering career to do this full time in 2017
14 years selling online piano courses


Ultimately, I'm blessed to have successfully built a massive online following doing what I love AND because my methods are unique and get people results. I teach improv, natural playing and FLOW on the piano. Review my testimonials on my facebook business page, results, my free content, and see if it makes sense.

On top of that, I have a 30-day guarantee on my products. If you’re unhappy with the content, all you need to do is email me with one word "refund", no questions asked, and you will receive your money back within 7 days.

How is the content delivered?

You will get your own login to a training portal that contains the video modules, downloadable content, and bonuses, available immediately after you purchase!

I'm "Old" Will This Work For Me?

This is easy to answer. Regardless of your age, if you are willing to put the work in AND pay careful attention to my direction, you will get results. Plain and simple. Your age does not matter.

As a matter of fact, 90% of my students are over 50 years old. My oldest online student is 97. You're never too old to enjoy the piano.

Is this course right for me? Meaning, will it work for me?

OK, so everyone's situation is a little bit different, but let me ask you one question: Do you currently know how to play piano without sheet music? If not, why  haven't you learned? Why can't you enjoy the piano and JUST flow without sheet music? In the course(s) I give you the EXACT formula for success with free-styling, my best tips that NO ONE else on the planet is teaching, and step-by-step hand holding.

That being said, the course is definitely right for you if:

You want to learn piano but just don't think you have the time. I assure you that you won't get a more efficient program than my online course.


If you've tried to learn piano before with traditional lessons and sheet music but it didn't "stick", this program is for you.


If you've plateaued and feel stuck, then this program is for you.


If you want to have the ability to play your favorite songs then "noodle" and improvise in the middle of them and REALLY enjoy playing freely, this program is for you.


The key requirement I'd say is having a desire to learn piano, but just not wanting to learn through "conventional" methods.

The courses are definitely NOT for you if: 

You want to play classical pieces since my methods focus on FLOWING and playing without sheet music.

You are expecting overnight results with very little effort/work involved this, my friend, this is not for you. I wish I could offer some magic pill, but unfortunately you do have to put in a little effort. I've made the piano learning process as simple as it can possibly be without using sheet music, but you still need to have the willingness to trust me and actually complete all the lessons.

If you have a negative, crappy attitude, please don't buy the course. Life is too short and we probably won't get along, hehe.

What Will I Learn?

The first thing you will learn is how to play by ear which is the key to flowing and enjoying the piano. From there you'll get an introduction to rhythm and soloing.

From there you can enroll in my next courses where I will guide you through advanced left hand rhythm activation, comping techniques, soloing ideas, chord voicings, and much more. Remember, I do not teach note reading. After you've mastered the ideas in this course and the next step, I invite you to join my mentoring program where you can tell me what your end goal with piano is. From there, I will mentor you and tailor a step-by-step plan to help you reach your goals quickly.

Nikolas, what if I buy and want a refund? What's the policy?

If I can't teach you how to improvise, flow on the piano and fill out any song you are playing, then I don't deserve your money. That has always been the case at ImprovPianoTips. Within 30 days of signing up, just let me know the course isn't for you, I'll refund you every penny.

P.S. - Skipped to the bottom to skim? Here's everything in 103 words...

My "Play by Ear in 14 Days + Next Steps" program invites frustrated adult pianists, who want to play freely and improvise into the inner circle of NATURAL, FREE-STYLE PLAYING.

There is $285 of value here on offer today. YET...

There is a 100% money back guarantee on this page - so this purchase is win/win. With a full lifetime to use these processes, alongside the investment of everything being slashed by 90%.

That's right.

90% off, with three bonuses to sweeten the deal. 

This WAS $285. Now it's $27.

It's a win/win. A lifetime to apply yourself to my methods and finally achieve that natural sound on the piano you've been chasing after.


Nik "No Sheet Music" Nuñez