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Finally, a Step-By-Step Way For Breaking Free From Dull and Rigid Playing! Enjoy 3 Powerful Online Video Courses To Improvise More Freely And Flow With Your Music.

...ESPECIALLY if You Don't Have Good Coordination or a Sense of Rhythm

(Keep Reading If you Want To Learn How To Play Piano Naturally, Without Sheet Music and Learn Properly With a Lot Less Effort)

Unique Learning Paths

We guarantee you an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and professional guidance.

Buy online courses for you

Enjoy flexibility and variety of payment options and gaetways for managing transactions online.

Video Conferencing

Enhance your virtual programs by allowing your learners to access high-quality live sessions through desktop and mobile.

Learn 3 powerful tools to fill out your piano playing and sound like a pro:

Simple Syncopation
Creative Chord Voicing
Melodic Fills

(Keep Reading If you Want To Learn How To Play Piano Naturally, Without Sheet Music and Learn Properly With a Lot Less Effort)
Took Lessons For Years BUT Impresses No One
•  Plays boring songs no one knows

•  Gets nervous when asked to play

•  Doesn't know what to play at parties with family/friends

• Theory genius but still can't improvise or flow

•  Minimal understanding of the piano
Grabs Everyone's Attention BUT Just Started Learning
•  Knows popular songs

•  Plays with a natural sound

•  Respected by everyone within a few seconds of playing

• Enjoys improvising creatively in songs

•  Accompanies singing at parties effortlessly

Alright you got me. It's a sales page.

And yes, it's a bit long.

BUT! It's not really about the sale...and it's NOT about making you read a bunch of words for no reason.

It's about showing you how to learn one song ("Let it Be" by The Beatles) by ear...THEN APPLY the same ideas to learn other songs you want...without having to fumble through sheet music...

...and forcing your poor wrists to sit at the piano for hours on end.

It's about a special "doo doos & tapping" method I developed with my 100's of adult personal piano students...

And not only does this little-known method make it FAST and EASY to learn songs by ear...but I've tested and proven that it is effective for adults who want to FILL OUT their songs with simple rhythms and improvisation.

So if you want to do away with sheet music and unlock your inner musician while batching out whole fistfuls of songs you actually enjoy playing...

Keep reading.

Nice to Meet You.

My name is Nik.

I'm a piano teacher with a Civil Engineering degree (just in case I couldn't do music for a living).

Since early high school, I've been teaching adults how to play like me. In fact, the way I've gotten 233,000+ subscribers and almost 18,000,000 views on YouTube is...

...through my unique FOCUS on playing by ear, then using left hand rhythm and simple improvisation to fill out your favorite songs.

And after teaching my personal adult students, thousands online, playing in Church, and writing music professionally, I realized something:

"Traditional Lessons Do Not
  Teach You How To Flow, Improvise and Feel Your Music..."


My whole life I took piano lessons but was unimpressive on the piano.

Growing up I would sit at the piano and get ZERO COMPLIMENTS...

It was almost as if I didn’t even exist. I simply didn’t stand out.

Today I hop on the piano and immediately grab everyone’s attention

...and the best part is, I cracked the code to teaching adults how to play like me.

And it’s NO MISTAKE!

How did it happen?

"It All Starts Being Very Frustrated..."

I started taking piano lessons at age 7. I didn’t enjoy it one bit. I actually quit piano...I ended up signing up for lessons again though... only because my parents wanted me to continue. I was assigned homework and classical songs where I had to read music...and it didn’t interest me one bit! I was stuck...frustrated learning songs that no one knew...I would forget all of the pieces of music I had learned...I didn’t have an understanding of the piano and if I didn’t have sheet music in front of me I couldn’t play AT ALL! I was ready to quit once and for all but at age 12 I got asked to play on my Church youth band...

"I Thought I'd Give It a Shot..."

The Church youth band had a few kids my age in it and was actually a pretty decent group of musicians... I felt out of place but figured it could be fun. Little did I know I was going to find the definitive solution to my problems with piano. After our first rehearsal I was BUMMED...I didn't know what to do or how to fill out the song so it sounded decent... but little did I know this was going to change my life...

"Lead Worship Pianist by Age 15!"

After a few years I started to understand how to FINALLY play by ear, use rhythms effectively, improvise with feeling, and accompany singers in Church...

...and as fate would have it, I got asked to play on the main worship team.

And, this whole experience 100% allowed me to experiment and understand the art of playing by ear and with feeling. I had finally unlocked the secret to being an AMAZING PIANO PLAYER...All I wanted to do was play the piano...It was so FUN!

"Traditional Piano Curriculum Does Not Help Adults Flow & Improvise"

Naturally, my love for piano evolved into teaching.

Specifically, I began teaching adults who requested that I show them how to play like me...with feeling and flow.

...and VERY early into my teaching career, I discovered that traditional piano curriculum does not teach adults how to flow, improvise, and play freely.

The non-stop scales, inversions and tireless note reading exercises do not help adults play naturally and with feeling!

"Developing My Own Methods + Curriculum"

So, at 15 years old, I set on a mission to develop my own curriculum for my 48 weekly adult students. I started by reverse engineering how I played. What made people like my playing? How did I give my music feeling?


After many years of paying attention to what I was actually doing when I played, I was fortunate enough to crack the code. So, I developed unique exercises and tested out methods to help adults work up to eventually sounding like me. And the crazy thing is, it worked!

So, I recorded my video courses to share with the world and now 22,000+ adults have used my courses successfully to enjoy playing by ear, flowing, playing creatively and improvising freely.

And guys, this took a lot longer than I thought it would... I spent LONG YEARS of my life...


Studying professional keyboardists...

Working with over 40 of my personal students weekly...

Testing, Experimenting and Developing different exercises and....

Creating new methods that would focus on helping people play naturally and bring the piano to life!

I would stay home on weekends... ignore invitations to parties... spend ridiculous amounts of time on the piano... and sometimes money on everything I needed to develop this new system...

But I LOVED every minute of it!

...I knew it would all be worth it!

Introducing my...

I spent countless hours developing this system... and this is the result...

"Used Successfully by Over 9,000 Adults in 26 Countries!"

Over 9,000 adults in 26 countries have already used my play by ear + next steps system successfully! I've used the feedback from all these people to constantly improve the program, which is why... it is the single most EFFECTIVE Play by Ear System you will find ANYWHERE. As a matter of fact, my team plotted a map with our United States users... Unfortunately, we couldn't plot our international users as well because otherwise the map would be too large.

As you can see, the above map displays all my United States users, plotted using their ZIP codes. Up to date, I've had over 9,000 customers in 26 countries.

In addition, my program has a LOW REFUND rate: Roughly 98% of my customers are satisfied with the program, while only 2% have refunded the program. This proves that if you apply yourself and master the skills offered in my Play by Ear system, you WILL get results... plain and simple!

Here Are Just a Small Sample of The THOUSANDS Who Have Had Success With My System...

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"Here's an Exclusive "Sneak-Peek" of What You'll Find in My "14 Day Play Piano by Ear + Next Steps" Program:

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This Program Will Show You EXACTLY How To:

• Play "Let it Be" by The Beatles completely by ear in 14 days or less. Beginners welcome. No experience needed.

Coordinate + strengthen your hands with only 10 minutes of practice a day (even if you're the most un-musical adult in the world).

Add simple improv and rhythm patterns to spice up your "Let it Be" song  THIS will most likely be the song you impress your family and friends with first...

 That's because I've  Included:

• Proof You Can Play by Ear in 14 Days -- my complete online video program

A downloadable daily PDF guide to take the guessing out of learning

• The popular "slow-mo" feature to slow ANY of the video lessons down -- rest easy while you learn

• Access on any device

• Clearly titled starting points based on your skill level (beginner - intermediate)

5 Minute Piano Pointers -- my flagship mini course to help improv in and fill out "Let it Be"

One powerful intermediate right hand soloing pattern to apply in "Let it Be"

• Learn two dynamic rhythm fills to achieve a natural flow in any song you play by ear

Write your awesome label here.

Now here's the deal.

I could do a lot of price anchoring and takeaways and all of those cool psychological tricks here.

But I won't.

Because it's only $27.


I was going to do it for $97 or $199 since that's the popular price point.

But everyone does that.

And it's boring.

Depending on how this sells, I probably WILL raise the price from to $96 or something similar in the near future...

But right now it's less than what you might reasonable spend on ONE private lesson with a piano teacher who has absolutely no idea how to teach playing by ear and improvisation.


If you actually practice...

In a few days, you'll come back to me and tell me you would of paid $500 for the course (please don't do that). 

So there's the pitch.

Just click the green button below to finally play the way you deserve:

P.S. - Here's another taste of what you're getting:


P.P.S. If you’re asking “Is this really worth the money?” then the answer is probably no. If you, as someone who wants to badly learn how to sound natural on the piano and improvise, cannot justify a $27 investment then you should not buy it…  consider hiring a local teacher who will teach you how to play the traditional way...

However, I will say that for the money you'll also get these bonuses:

Bonus 1: Lifetime Access

I will let you own the course for a lifetime (for a one-time payment of $27). If life gets busy, simply login to your account when you're ready to get back in the saddle and your course will be right there waiting...welcoming you with open arms.

Bonus 2: Facebook Support Group

The title says it all. Join 500+ other adults who are moving through the course. Ask questions, get encouragement, post videos of your progress, etc. I frequent the group throughout the week too. 

So, if you've got 27 bucks, and you want to drastically simplify playing by ear so you practically never have to worry about sheet music again, click this nice green button:

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P.P.P.S. Skipped to the end?

I got you.

For just $27 I'm offering INSTANT online access to a small course that will show you how to play by ear in 14 days then how you can add simple improvisation and rhythm to fill it out...

...to sound pretty darn good.


I'll show you how to coordinate your hands...

And start learning how to improvise in songs you love...

And do it in such a way that practically every time you sit at a piano, you will shock people with how natural you sound.

Want it? Click below:

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Intro To Freestyling

(Video Content: 13 hrs 58mins)

Mastering Nik's 4 Layers of Flow




Next-Level Skills

(Video Content: 10 hr 22mins)

Rhythm Beyond Basics & Arpeggios



Intermediate - Advanced

Song Vault

(Video Content: 13 hrs 58mins)

Tools To Enhance Your Favorite Songs



Beginner - Advanced