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Reviews Because of Results 

  "I think he's the Tony Horton, the P90X of piano...it's my second month of practice and I'm actually playing music."

-Scott Martin

November, 2020

"Rhodri's progress in 3 weeks."

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"Mike's progress in 7 days."

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"Well structured and easy to follow"

Jim Clough


"Nik knows his stuff and presents in a clear/precise way"

Greg Malcolm


"Best money I've spent in a long time"

Rhodri Jenkins


"My improv has developed amazingly"

Piet Coetzee


-Thomas Lewry
"My experience with most music teachers is they would rather be doing something else. Nik's work is an absolute breath of fresh air. I have been at this just long enough to understand where he is going, and his approach is thoughtful, beautifully presented, and a welcome treat to a player stuck in the mud! Thank you Nik!"

Enjoy Nik's Powerful (No Sheet Music) Approach

Master rhythm, coordination comping, fills and much more 
Boost your piano confidence - learn how to flow, play creatively + improvise

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"There is no question left unanswered. I love the good structure of the course and that everything builds on one another."

Charlotte Eva


"Nik opened the whole world of being able to play nearly any song I want. Everything Nik offers is 100% approved knowledge which anybody can master."

Alexander Jnz


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- Derek Lynch

Member since 2018
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-  Victor R Scott

Member Since 2017
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- Irene Rosenfeld

Member Since 2016
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-Christy Darlington

Member since 2016
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- Manuel F.

Member since 2015
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-  John C.

Member Since 2016
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- Ernesto Bordes

Member Since 2014
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- Jordan B.

Member since 2017

"If you question whether it is the right course for you, question no more and sign up. "

Todd Roberts


"I can recommend Nik's mentoring with a clear conscience. There is something for everybody. "

Bianka Söder


"I find the learning method excellent because it is based on patterns and ideas that can be applied in different songs and situations"

Luc Lyn


"...a custom route for you to quickly reach your goal without wasting your time on things that you don’t need."

Christina Lee


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  • Sheet music and traditional lessons can't teach flow and creativity.

    My powerful online lessons offer a proven 3 step process for adults wanting to sit down and express themselves on the piano.

      Learn creative left hand rhythm
      Fill out songs you love
      Comp and solo on the fly
      Play freely and creatively
      Enjoy playing by ear

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