The Proven Step-By-Step Video Course To Learn Flow & Improvisation

Enjoy Nik's powerful (no sheet music) approach to filling out songs you love with exciting rhythm, soloing techniques, creative fillers + much more. 

  • On-Demand Video: 21 Hours 
  • Lectures: 191
  • Enrolled adults: 22,301

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This course includes:

  21 hours on-demand video
191 lectures
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What you'll learn...

    You will be able to fill out the songs you love using rhythm, comping, melody line enhancement, soloing ideas and Nik's secret tricks to flowing and playing creatively.
      By using the techniques in the course, you'll be able to sound like an advanced piano player without reading any musical notes at all. The first thing you will master is using rhythm effectively.
   Singers will be able to accompany themselves, and comp effectively with proper right hand structures and tasteful left hand rhythm activation.
   Learn about basic theory and how to actually use it. Think, major scales, inversions, slash chords, suspended voicings, 7, 9, add, and much more.
   You'll learn a wide variety of exercises to help you FEEL your music. Also, enjoy powerful techniques Nik uses that can be applied to any song/chords.
   Apply what you learn to popular songs like, "Piano Man", "Hallelujah", "Let it Be" by the Beatles, Bruno Mars, and many more.
  30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  Payment Plan Available

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