"I've realized, there's a method to all this creative musical madness" - Brian T.

"5 Minute Piano Pointers" Mini Course

Join the 50k+ adults who have invested in step 2 of 4 to playing like me (Nik). Enjoy learning about intermediate ideas of flowing and improvising in "Let it Be" by the Beatles

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One-time payment. Lifetime Access.

  • What This Mini Course Will Teach You...

    Even if you've been stuck playing the same way for many decades, my mini course will walk you through three detailed videos on exactly what you should start doing to flow, improvise, and play freely. And the best part is, I'll show you how to apply what you learn to "Let it Be" by the Beatles. 
  • Inside, You'll Get:

      3 intermediate online video lessons to help you flow
      Soloing ideas to start playing freely
      Application ideas in "Let it Be"

What Adults Are Saying About Step 2 of 4 to playing like me (Nik)

"Nik, I have been trying to learn how to play off and on for years. Your mini course unlocked things for me. I can't thank you enough. I'm buying steps 3 and 4 tonight." - Karen T.

"I am practicing your 5 minute 3 part video and like your style of coaching. What a buzz to achieve so much in so few days!" - Petrus Coetzee

"I already checked the first video and WOW. I'm blown away." - Immer Landero

"Hi Nik and thank you. I feel honored to be part of this great work you are doing." - Samson Dhliwayo

"YOU ARE AMAZING Nick. The information and teaching methods are very easy to digest and start implementing right away into your music! Great stuff!" - Mark Wheeler

1. Right hand soloing pattern.

2. Two powerful rhythm fills.

3. Real-world application.

"5 Minute Piano Pointers" Mini Course

Take"Let it Be" by the Beatles to the next level...
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  • 3 Detailed Videos

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