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"Finally a Way To Begin Playing Freely, Naturally & With Simple Improv in Your Favorite Songs (14 Day Program)"

  • Start with learning "Let it Be" by The Beatles completely by ear in 14 days or less and use these methods to learn any song you want.

  • Coordinate + strengthen your hands with only 10 minutes of practice a day (even if you're the most un-musical adult in the world).

  • Understand how to start playing naturally and FREELY! Bonuses show you how to add simple improv and rhythm patterns to spice up your "Let it Be" song.
Total value: $285

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Dear (Adult) Pianist,

Is years of determination the only way to sound natural on the piano?

Will the repetitive practice EVER end?

Will sheet music EVER help me play freely?

These are all amazing questions... that literally nobody has the answer to.

So it’s the purpose of the following certification offer to explain to any adult pianist who takes the time to read it…

 to get control of you hands...

HOW to unlock more creativity and freedom while playing your favorite songs...

And HOW to ensure you master the foundation to playing naturally, left hand rhythm activation...

You in?

If you are, then read on...

Because you’ll find two things on this page. 

Firstly → The special "doo doos & tapping" method I developed with 100's of my personal adult students to help coordinate your hands QUICKLY...and help you learn how to use rhythm properly to fill out songs you love.

Secondly → If the "doo doos & tapping" method gets you quick results, I'd like to invite you into my training center that my team and I are beta testing right now.

You'll get all the benefit of my guidance, ALL the benefit of getting results and sounding natural when you play, and a ridiculous deal just to try it out.

In fact, I'm waging you'll love this so much...

I've decided to make it risk free.

You either try the material and offer you see here on this page...

And if you don't play "Let it Be" by ear... and improve your coordination/rhythm you'll get to keep the program with a 100% refund.


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But let's jump into some real talk.

Hey, so...

You *Definitely* Don't Have
Problems Playing The Same Boring Patterns.

Let me explain. Problems playing the same boring patterns isn't the issue... it's rhythm problems.

It's coordination problems. And it's how you practice problems.

This is what I call the "architecture of playing naturally".

So if you've ever tried to just sit at a piano and play FREELY and just defaulted to the boring patterns you always play...you have an architecture problem... even though it looks and feels like a boring patterns problem.

So allow me to run you through a few small questions and scenarios:

  •  Do you hum or sing to help your practice?

     Do you work on your coordination every time you practice?

     Are you taking time to let one hand play while the other does absolutely nothing?

     Are you mastering new songs weekly?

     Do you use any of your body to physically feel the rhythm?

  30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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If you answered NO to any of these questions, I'll triple guarantee your problems playing the same boring patterns is coming from a poor perception of music and HOW to practice to get un-stuck...

The Answer?

3. Little. Shifts.

But *DON'T* Practice The Wrong One

See, depending on how long you've been playing...

It's make or break.

ESPECIALLY since you're most likely feeling discouraged with your piano progress already.

It's simple. I want you to implement these into your practice:

  •  Increments
     Rhythm Activation
     "Doo Doos" & Tapping

In fact, if you could practice each of these 3 little areas for just one minute each, you'd 10x the speed of your results. I've tested it with students.

And the crazy thing is, classical training doesn't touch on any of these areas.

The *Actual* Truth...

But HOW?

Here's How To Begin Playing Naturally... QUICKLY!




Increments help tapping which feeds rhythm and unlocks that natural sound.

It's too easy to think that PLAYING NATURALLY comes from tapping, right?

  •    Sure, you could have all the music theory and note reading down - thanks band camp - but if you lack rhythm and feeling...who cares?

  •    Or you could have all the rhythm in the world, but if you can't put it into your hands, what's the point?

       Been trying to break free from the same patterns you've played for years? You're stuck.

It used to be a trap.

And if you've failed at learning piano before, it's not your fault.

MOST PIANO INSTRUCTION out there is for people that ultimately want to become a professional or concert pianists and play classical music.

But, unfortunately for you that means that the everyday person that just wants to enjoy playing freely at their piano or keyboard gets neglected. Most of the information out there about learning to play the piano is actually what's been keeping your from success...let.that.sink.in.

Total Side Note, But...

If You Want To See What Natural Playing Sound Like...

Then, Watch This 55 Second Clip
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So here's what I've found works the FASTEST to achieve this...

Use This When Everyone Else QUITS Lessons...

Yet You're Enjoying Playing Your Favorite Songs by Ear, With Full Rhythm And Simple Soloing...

Take a look at the image below, and really study it.

In fact, read these words with me because I'm going to walk you through the entire protocol from A-Z.

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You'll see that increments, tapping & rhythm are ALL accounted for - like we've spoken about.

Yet you'll see that they're achieved by certain inputs into your practice:

This is Where We Get Into The "MeatNPotatoes" Of Playing Naturally...

Playing naturally is achieved with the following formula:

  •    Looping + Humming/Singing + Coordination

Essentially we can now agree on the following:

If you focus on: Looping, humming/singing, and coordination..then you will have mastered  the "Architecture of Playing Naturally"

Each one of these needs to be in sync with each other. But that's the best part. 

Whilst that may sound difficult to achieve, it's not.

That's because they actually feed each other.

  •     It's difficult NOT to start feeling your music when you can tap things out
    It's difficult NOT to be creative and solo when you can finally feel your rhythm
    It's difficult NOT to learn new fresh things weekly because of quick results

This principle is something I call the "ImprovPianoTips Trifecta".

Now here's the deal.
You likely already practice a few minutes a day practicing your piano, right?


When You Use The "ImprovPianoTips Trifecta" Don't Be Alarmed When Ya Suddenly Find Your Piano Enjoyment Taking OFF  

Effective Looping Is Achieved By:

   No Pausing

    Starting At an Accommodating Tempo

Humming/Singing Is Achieved By:

    Saturating Yourself in The Song

    Not Thinking Too Much & Just Going For It

Powerful Coordination Is Achieved By:

    Brain/Hand Connection Exercises

    Hands Separate With Good Timing

Simply Focus On These The Next Time You Practice...

→   Looping leads you to better incremental practice...
→   Humming/singing leads you to better tapping abilities...
→   Coordination leads to better rhythm...

Then More...

→   Increments leads to natural playing
→   Tapping
leads to natural playing
→   Rhythm
leads to natural playing

And it all happens at the same time, feeding each other.

  Wait, Let's See It?

"ImprovPianoTips Trifecta" In Action...

Mike playing "Let it Be" by ear, with left hand rhythms & beginner improvisation in 7 days using my program...
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Here's what we need to focus on though. Mike was stalled.

He'd taken lessons for a few months and got nowhere. Feeling like something was missing, Mike decided to give my incremental practice, tapping and rhythm a shot.

The rest is history...

Here's what Rhodri accomplished in 21 days:

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My students are war-torn  With no structure, organization, and process.

Incremental practice is a mess. Tapping is non-existent. Rhythm is deteriorating. There is no strategy other than practicing an hour a day and using sheet music.

Fast-forward one year after joining my program and implementing the "ImprovPianoTips Trifecta" & "Architecture of Playing Naturally" and here are the results:

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We're back in business, with playing naturally being the name of the game.

We're enjoying playing freely and using rhythm to fill out songs.

And the best part? We just applied a few elements of the "ImprovPianoTips Trifecta" and we're off to the (playing naturally) races.

Looping + Increments + Humming + Tapping + Coordination + Rhythm, and here we are:

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Write your awesome label here.

So why not you?


My "14 Day Play by Ear + Next Steps" Program

Listen up. If repetative drills, sounding basic, and feeling stiff at the piano are the bane of your life...

This is the answer you've been waiting for.

This is the only training of it's kind -- vetted with 100's of personal adult students who tried the program before I recorded it -- to factor in everything that's truly needed to play naturally.

My ultimate goal with this?

Is that you if you could live 100 lives, and you used this framework in all 100, that in at least 99 of them... you play naturally on the piano.

Every. Single. Time.

Check Out What People Are Saying About This Program:

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Write your awesome label here.

Lifetime Access.

And Here's How We'll Do It Together:

Phase 1
Beginning Technical Skills 

$17 Value

  •    Your 5 Minute Daily Exercise To  Develop Finger Strength Quickly

  •    The idea behind "Frozen Fingers"...and what 99% of adults fail to practice

  •   Why humming your song(s) is an absolute requirement for easily mastering songs by ear

Phase 2
Secret "Doo's Doo's & Tapping"

$57 Value

  •    Why tapping is the bulletproof way to help you develop a sense of timing (even if you feel like you don't have any sense rhythm)

  •    I'll reveal how I quickly memorize left hand chord progressions to completely eliminate the guesswork

  •   Using singing to master your R.H. melody line notes

Phase 3
Hand Coordination

$66 Value

  •    How to actually get your hands coordinated with a proven exercise I developed

  •    "Muddy tones" and when to avoid them

  •   How to properly fill out your left hand chords

Phase 4
Rhythm Independence

$79 Value

  •     It's _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ practice that gets you results (< understand this and you'll always make progress when you sit down to practice)

  •    Doing two things at once and how to strengthen your brain's ability to not EXPLODE (develop your rhythm independence)

Phase 5
Piecing "Let it Be" Together 

$66 Value

  •    Put all the exercises you've worked on together to play the chorus of "Let it Be" by the Beatles 

  •    Exactly how to line up your notes with the left hand chords using a powerful technique..."anchor points" 

  •    I'll reveal the process of knowing exactly when to bring both hands together + when to stop humming and tapping your "doo's doo's"

Phase 6

  •    Bonus #1: Nik's powerful right hand soloing pattern for simple improvisation

  •    Bonus #2: Exactly where and when you can massively improve your left hand rhythm (next level kinda stuff)

  •    Bonus #3: Real-world application in "Let it Be", the song you just learned in phases 1-5!!!

Here's Everything You Now Own Inside The "14 Day Play by Ear" Program

 $285    90% OFF

Frequently Asked Questions

Nik Answers The Most Common
Questions About His Online Course.

$27 seems way too low, why is it so cheap?

I want you to get such good results that it creates new problems in your playing…Problems that I can help you solve.

I am willing to lose money to acquire you as a customer, try my products out, and then ideally you love them so much that you want to work with me more closely :)

Why should I trust you Nik?

Fair question.

So, here goes: most people selling online piano courses haven't figured out how to FLOW and improvise naturally themselves (let alone teach it). I have. And my content is amazing because I've been curating it for over 10 years.

But, the proof is in the pudding.

And in an online world, numbers are everything. So, here's some info:
23,000+ enrolled students in my programs
236,000+ YouTube subscribers
18,072,634 YouTube views
Quit my Civil Engineering career to do this full time in 2017
14 years selling online piano courses


Ultimately, I'm blessed to have successfully built a massive online following doing what I love AND because my methods are unique and get people results. I