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"Develop better musicality by understanding patterns in harmony..."

Component #1: The Building Blocks

Learning to play by ear is a journey worth going on. As you move through 5 hours of powerful video lessons, I am confident that you will find the true freedom of playing without sheet music.

In the first section of the course, I will guide you through foundational concepts and unpack the building blocks of song structure/chord progressions.

The best thing about this course is that I have tested my methods with over 300+ of my personal students. Any person can take the right steps and learn to play by ear, regardless of your musical background or age.

Component #2: The Logic of Chord Progressions

In section two I will introduce and breakdown the patterns and "curveballs" in harmony BECAUSE the structure of any song follows a pattern. Enjoy PDF documents to organize these patterns.

Component #3: Writing Your Own Chord Progressions...

After solidifying common patterns in chord progressions, I will walk you through the third section of the course which will show you how to create your very own chord progressions. Think, unique chord structures, creating movement, my special formula to writing songs, etc.

Component #4: Playing by Ear...

In section four, we'll apply our head knowledge to actually playing by ear. Making this transition can be tricky.

To help with this, I have recorded myself learning four different songs on-the-fly by ear. Journey with me and see how I use my exclusive "9 Steps To Playing by Ear" approach to learn Prince's "Purple Rain", Uncle Kracker's "Drift Away", "Let it Be" by The Beatles and Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself".

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