Sample 1:

"Finger Strength & Accuracy Exercises"

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  PDF Sheet Music Below (Click The Images To Download)  

Exercise 1.1

"Three Finger Exercise": Using your right hand middle, index & thumb fingers, play groups of three notes in the key of C major starting on E, moving down to D & C, then beginning the same movement one note down in the key signature starting on D...continue this pattern.

Please watch the video above starting at the 1:02 minute mark for the exercise full explanation. There is also sheet music available here.

Exercise 1.2

"Four and Five Finger Exercise": Essentially, this exercise is an improvised short piece I created in hopes to force your right hand four and five fingers to "get to work". Please note, the four finger in your right hand (ring finger) is the weakest finger of all five.
For your viewing pleasure, please watch the video above starting at the 19:42 minute mark for the exercise full explanation. There is also sheet music available here for this exercise.
In the video above, notice the chapter navigation in your play bar. I've highlighted in red in the image below:

Exercise 1.3

"Outside Notes Exercise": Right hand play C, D, E, F & G in sequence starting with your thumb and continuing with each successive finger. When you reach G (your right hand pinky finger), hit that finger with your thumb. The end of the movement should have the C and G outside notes hitting at the same time. 

Please watch the video above starting at the 21:55 minute mark for the exercise full explanation. There is also sheet music available here for this exercise.

Sample 2: 

"Finger Strength & Accuracy Application"

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What You're Learning

Each exercise I've developed in the course plays a specific role in developing your understanding what you're actually doing to facilitate seamless improvisation, natural playing and most importantly, FLOW!

As an overview, the "3 Finger Exercise" not only strengthens your fingers' dexterity but also helps with major scale memorization. This directly translates to knowing which notes you can use during improvisation. The "Four and Five Finger Exercise" aims to develop the weakest finger in your right hand, the four finger. Once developed, you'll enjoy executing a variety of cool movements and phrases, including but not limited to, jazz licks, fast arpeggios, soulful grace notes, diddles, nasty turn arounds, etc. (the 1:33 minute mark in the video above has some cool examples of such licks). The "Outside Notes Exercise" serves one purpose, to strengthen the movement essential to filling out melody lines.

I hope you're enjoying quick results and now seeing how my powerful exercises have helps 1000's of adults around the world to enjoy flowing and playing naturally at the piano!
Now onto learning "Let it Be" by ear...

Sample 3: 

"Advanced Rhythm  Application in 'Piano Man' by Billy Joel"

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Application Video 3.1

Enjoy an advanced excerpt from my rhythms course!

In my opinion, the most powerful way to understand ANYTHING is to apply it to real-world examples. This advanced video is just one of many videos you'll get when you upgrade and unlock the rhythms course!

PLEASE REMEMBER, my goal is to not only give you head-knowledge but also to help you apply that head-knowledge to actual playing. What good is it if you can't actually play?!?  You'd be shocked at how many people have the head-knowledge but can't apply it to real playing...

Good thing for you, you have these videos at your fingertips :)

Sample 4:

"Solid Chord Soloing & Comping in 'Let it Be'"

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Exercise 4.1

I'd like to introduce to you a new, fun way to begin understand all the ways I soloing, tangents in the middle of songs and a way to fill out songs you play to sound like a PRO...

...and the foundation to that is two-fold: left hand rhythms + understand how to colorfully accompany singing. Today's sample video will help you understand the latter idea and how to play accompaniment styles using solid chords in "Let it Be".

Here are a few bullet points of what you'll find in the above video:

•  Understand how to simplify chords
•  Examples in "Amazing Grace" + "Let it Be"
•  Centralize chords to prep for solos
•  Use add2 chords for rich tones
•  How to solo in the middle of "Let it Be"
•  Begin FEELING your music (view exercise at 13:20 minute mark)

Sample 5: 


"Churchy Passing Tones"

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Sample 6:


"Advanced Jazzy Bluesy Licks in 'Let it Be' by The Beatles"

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Sample 7: 

"Sneak-Peak of 'My Solo & Improv Course'"

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Sample 8: 

"Sneak Peak of my 'Rhythms Course'"

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I hope you've enjoyed the 8 sample lessons...

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