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I will always guarantee the very best in instruction, quality, and excellence!

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Videos Uploaded To The Platform Weekly!

  • "Phrasing & Polyrhythms - Half The Secret To Flowing & Improvising on Piano" (uploaded this week)
  • "Intermediate Melodic Soloing in "Mad World" by Gary Jules" (uploaded this week)
  • "How To Play Piano With Singing" (uploaded last week)
  • "Adele's "Easy On Me" Advanced Rhythm Application (uploaded 2 week ago)
  • "Hallelujah - Comping & Solid Chord Soloing (uploaded 3 week ago)
  • "Piano Man" Intro Rhythm Application (uploaded 4 weeks ago)
  • "Piano Man" Advanced Rhythm Application (uploaded 4 weeks ago)
  • "Let it Be" Tutorial - The Beatles (uploaded 5 weeks ago)
  • "Hallelujah" Tutorial - Leonard Cohen (uploaded 5 weeks ago)
  • "Piano Man" - Comping & Solid Chord Soloing (uploaded 6 weeks ago)
  • "Piano Man" Tutorial - Billy Joel (uploaded 6 weeks ago)
  • "Piano Man" Intermediate Rhythm Application (uploaded 7 weeks ago)
  • "Let it Be" - Comping & Solid Chord Soloing (uploaded 7 weeks ago)
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